Biology & Chemistry


The mission of the Biology program at Baker University is to provide a foundation in science that is consistent with the goals and values of the University tradition of liberal arts. Our curriculum emphasizes the relationship between the structure and the function of living systems from the biochemical to the ecological levels. The faculty promote the use of the scientific method to help students majoring within the program acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient and productive graduates.

Each area has a set of 10 committee members engaging the department or program to be supported. If committee positions are open, the Wildcats for Education Committee is looking for more enthusiastic alumni and friends of Baker University fo foster the liberal arts in these targeted ways. 

Committee Chair

Courtney Masrud


The mission of the Chemistry program is to provide students with the educational resources in chemistry required by students planning to pursue advanced studies in chemistry and related fields, including the medical sciences, or professional careers in the chemical sciences or teaching, and to provide the necessary background for those disciplines that require a solid foundation in modern chemistry.