Mass Media & Visual Arts


The Mass Media program’s fundamental mission is to provide students with an understanding of the function and responsibilities of the mass media within society and to teach students the basic skills required of professional media practitioners. To meet these objectives, the program must offer a sufficient range of courses to allow students to develop an understanding of the complex relationship between the media and society. In addition, the program must provide students with opportunities to hone their practical skills and to translate theory into practice. This requires the program to operate laboratories for each of the media represented in the major.

Each area has a set of 10 committee members engaging the department or program to be supported. If committee positions are open, the Wildcats for Education Committee is looking for more enthusiastic alumni and friends of Baker University fo foster the liberal arts in these targeted ways. 

Committee Chair

Lauren Miller


In keeping with the liberal arts tradition of Baker University, the Studio Art program is committed to helping students acquire a sound, comprehensive education. Because the visual arts are among the oldest, most universal, and most fundamental expressions of human culture, the program affirms the idea that art is an essential part of the experience of individuals educated in the humanist tradition. At the same time, the program recognizes its dual role within the University: the program offers all students an opportunity to acquire knowledge of the history, principles, methods, and techniques necessary for a thorough understanding of the visual arts, and it is also committed to providing an intense, personalized program for those who wish to make art their primary area of study. The study of art is interdisciplinary, synthetic, and multicultural by its very nature. The practice of art using the creative process presents the student with a contingent series of problems that call for unique solutions arrived at through a critical process that involves fluency, flexibility, originality, abstract thinking, and an ability to elaborate.